Lauren Phelps
Photography by Monika Kratochvil

Photography by Monika Kratochvil

Working in fashion has made a lasting impact on not only my aesthetic but the way I look at the world and my art. While designing and merchandising, my passion is structure, balance, texture, and textiles. I love achieving the desired proportion, harmony and continuity in a garment and collection. I work similarly now, though my art is more emotional, a creative release, and a study of materials and themes. I find myself working through shape, color, textiles and paint to create a balance, and ultimately evoke feeling.

This collection of work was an experimentation in utilizing couture techniques and textiles through shape manipulation and paint. Primarily monochromatic color palettes give an impact that resonates with my desire to simplify subject matter. I always begin with a subject or theme and go through a series of sketches and studies until I satisfactorily reduce or magnify. Abstracting forms or figures into simple geometric shapes or repetitions is a meditative process.

My current emotional state is translated to the work through the materials. With this collection, I was feeling quite strong and feminine as a new mother. The sharp geometric shapes are balanced with expressive brushwork and a soft colors. The raw woven silk is organic and sheer and has the appearance of being fragile though it is quite strong. The textiles are emerging from or melding with the solid geometric shapes and color fields. In the same way, I am withdrawing from expectations and leaning into love in my new life as a mother.

The materials used are primarily woven silk, linen, and acrylic on paper, wood, canvas or linen. The materials subsequently become a subject of the artwork itself.

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